My name is Lara Brighton and you have stumbled upon my personal blog. I am a wordsmith at work from Toronto, Canada. I love strong coffee, sitting by the waves and my sweet family of rambunctious boys (hubby included - during off work hours of course!). I've got a serious thing for this carpenter from Nazareth and I am utterly and hopelessly wired to inspire people using the written word. When I'm not creating awesome articles or cool copy I am writing fiction novels and blogging about life as a woman, wife, mom, theologian, closet ethicist/social justice crusader, struggling church-goer and community member, non-religious lefty who digs right wing ideas and starstruck follower of that craftsman I'm so crazy about. If you want to know more about my story click here and if want to journey together and discover what the greatest story ever told has to do with the mundane, mystifying, maddening, melancholic and marvelous happenings of life then read on dear friend. XO Lara

New Blog Coming!

Hey there! In 2013, I founded, an inspirational blog for women. I grew this blog to a team of seven contributors, and two editorial outlets (Toronto and Vancouver). I had close to 2000+ views a day. You can see some of my work here. I loved running this blog. LOVED! Yet, after a while I felt it had run it’s course. Pun intended. Pun always intended if I’m writing. I am currently rebranding my blog and my goal is to create an online world of words that is exciting and though-provoking, and brings new energy, insight and life to readers everywhere! Please check back soon!