I write meaningful and engaging stories for business, media,
education & health sciences that inspire people to take action.

I thrive on creating stellar copy chock full of original ideas, innovative messaging and witty wordplay so that consumers are engaged and happy to heed the call to action.

Content Writing
I excel at developing content strategy, and creating and executing engaging content across social, digital, print, and all other consumer marketing channels.

Scriptwriting & Screenwriting
I have scripting and screenwriting experience in TV, Film, Social, short and long copy, and can adjust as needed between products.

I pride myself on journalism that delivers in-depth, dependable information while engaging readers with the proverbial one-two knockout prose punches that make a story great.

Areas of Expertise

 Medical Content Writing & Copywriting
I have researched and written engaging and informative long and short form medical articles, and created dynamic and strategic web content, product copy, product brochures and infographics for leading medical doctors and medical distribution companies in the United States and Canada. I understand the needs of scientific marketing in both the pharmaceutical and alternative medicine sectors; to capture consumer attention with catchy copy so as to be able to share with them engaging, vital and well-founded medical content that will convince them a particular product will help them live life to the fullest.

Trade Magazine Writing
I have edited and written articles, created digital marketing content including web content, e-newsletters, e-mail blasts, and press releases, and written copy for direct mail marketing initiatives for some of Canada’s premier, award-winning trade magazines in the real estate, construction and food industry sectors. I understand the importance of providing engaging and informational journalism, while creating content that keeps in mind the needs of associations and key stakeholders, and reaches target association members.

 Story Production, Scripting & Screenwriting
I have researched and co-produced news stories for the current affairs show, Context TV (Yes TV, CBC), edited live to air scripts for the lifestyle show, Daytime Television (Rogers), and written numerous screenplays for an animated children’s education series for factual entertainment company, Saloon Media and E-Learning company, POV Learning Systems.

Educational, Mental Health and Wellness and Social Emotional Learning Content Writing
I have researched and written extensively on education, mental health and wellness, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). I have worked with education, Mental Health and Wellness and SEL experts such as Molly Stewart Lawlor (The Hawn Foundation, MindUP Curriculum) and key provincial stakeholders in education and mental health and wellness (Government of Ontario and Government of Alberta) and leaders in factual entertainment (Saloon Media) and the arts (Ins Choi, Kim’s Convenience) to create powerful and effective business communications, marketing copy, digital content, educational screenplays and curriculum promoting the interests of education, mental health and wellness and SEL.

Corporate Communications, Public Relations & Fundraising
I have extensive experience delivering effective business communications that help companies thrive in the areas of corporate vision and strategy, human resources, public relations and internal and external marketing communications. I have also created and delivered numerous successful stakeholder and fundraising communications (e-mail blasts, newsletters, brochures, pitch decks, grant writing) that have helped companies receive funding and support from organizations such as the Ontario Media and Development Corporation, School Mental Health Assist, Ever Active, and MaRS.

I have interviewed prominent public figures such as former Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, Juno winner Jully Black, Oprah contributor Barbara Coloroso, Canadian music legend Amy Sky and The Bachelor’s Tenley Molzhan. I have written on topics such as parenting, education, mental health and wellness, women’s issues, relationships, politics, theology, spirituality, food, food services, real estate, construction and green energy. My work has appeared online and in print for publications such as Help! We’ve Got Kids, The Link and Visitor, Sanctity in the City, Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Magazine, Condo Business Magazine, Canadian Property Magazine, Canadian Apartment Magazine.

Creative Writing
I have written dramatic monologues that were toured across Ontario (Tyndale Players), I founded an inspirational blog for women (now found at, www.larabrighton.ca/blog) that has over 8,000 followers, and I am currently finishing my first fiction novel, an inspirational romance titled, Glory in the City.

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