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My name is Lara Brighton. I am a writer + wife + mom of 2 princes, and I live in the 6ix. I have spent two decades creating articles, copy, content and screenplays for business, media and the arts. I am also an aspiring novelist and passionate social ethicist.

I heart Toronto, foodie fodder, social-emotional learning, writing tall tales for children and youth, social ethics and theology. Here at you will find my professional writings as well as my vlog/blog ramblings about my strange and varied interests. Tune in and tune out as you need, and I’ll just keep on keeping on.

(Ya. That’s right. I just quoted Drake and Curtis Mayfield. Why? I’m a border millennial and I was born to believe a change gon’ come).

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Latest Blog/Vlog

I remember staring in wide-eyed wonder the first time I glimpsed Superman on the small screen; The red-caped crusader flying over Metropolis city, one dark curl protruding down from the jet-black hair that framed his perfectly chiseled face. I was mesmerized, enamored, awe struck! “Who IS this man and how do I meet him?!”I wondered. A hard-wired romantic from the tender age of eight, I was looking for a superhero to sweep me away from the difficulties and loneliness that so many of us encounter on this planet. Oh, if Toronto could have only been Metropolis city, and I could have only been twenty years older and a news reporter named Lois Lane… Click Here to Read On

If this post encourages or inspires you, share it!